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We Help Heroes Help Themselves

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Trauma-Informed Therapy from Trauma Specialists

Heroes Come in Many Forms

At Blue Star Family Counseling Services, we remain devoted to the vision shared by our founders and believe that everyone deserves a space to heal. We recognize the courage it takes our clients to seek help along their journey and applaud their bravery to choose a healing path.

Our psychotherapists promote holistic wellness and healing utilizing EMDR Therapy along with other treatment modalities.

Support Group Session

When You've Been Knocked Down,
We Are Here to Help You Stand Back Up

The whole point of resiliency is so you don't have to bounce. 
- Amber Stiles-Bodnar, co-founder

Trauma looks different for everyone. For some it is a tragic event, for others it may be unhealthy behaviors passed down through generations, situations experienced in the workplace, or in active duty. No matter the cause, we understand how trauma changes your ability to live to your fullest potential and face life situations head on. Our purpose is to not only help you heal from past traumas, but to also help you build resiliency so you live a fulfilled life.

We are passionate about working with:


At Blue Star, we understand that life happens. 
We also understand that when you look at it through a different lens, your experiences shift. 
Our goal is to help you find your crystal-clear view.

Ending The Stigma Around Mental Health

Busting Therapy Myths 

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Meet Your Guides

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