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Rebuilding Strength for Trauma Survivors

Customized Healing Modalities To Match How YOU Heal Best

We Are Here To Help You Back On Your Feet

The mission of Blue Star is to construct a holistic healing environment promoting mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Blue Star Family Counseling Services, Inc. and the Blue Star Wellness Center, allow a space for healing in the ways that best suit each individual.

Blue Star was forged in the fire and it was through the resiliencey of our co-founders that this heart-led mission was brought to fruition. 

Our therapy services are provided by Licensed Professional Counselors under the clinical direction of Amber Stiles-Bodnar; MSEd, LPCC-S, LCDC III.

This is a time in our country where we find ourselves seeking ways to support systemic healing and interpersonal growth. During these times we find ourselves seeking healing on a personal, local, state, national and global level.


With these ideals in mind, our team of skilled therapists approach the treatment of their clients from a wellness perspective, allowing individuals a space to heal, grow and become fulfilled as their best possible selves. Healing from trauma allows us to become who we were meant to be. 

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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Judgment-free Counseling For People of All Walks of Life

Blue Star Therapists are equipped to provide support in a variety of areas, including:

  • Military Personnel (Service Members and Veterans), First Responders, Law Enforcement and their Family Members

  • Individuals including Children, Adolescents, and Adults, Couples, and Families

  • LGBTQIA+ individuals and their families/supports

  • Family members of those affected by Mental Health and Drug/Alcohol Issues 

  • Trauma & Post-Traumatic Stress

  • High Risk Behaviors

  • Bereavement, Grief and Loss

  • Depression and Anxiety Issue

  • Codependency

  • Religious/Spiritual Issues

  • Phobias, Panic & Obsessive Compulsive 

  • Performance Enhancement & Stress Reduction

  • Women's issues

Most Insurance Accepted

Blue Star Family Counseling Services, Inc. participates with most insurance panels.

Please Contact Us if you have questions regarding your insurance.

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