Blue Star Family Counseling Services became a vision in the fall of 2010 and a reality in 2012. Our mission, as a non-profit organization, is to promote healing to those suffering from all types of mental health distress.

The mission of our organization was extremely important to co-founder, Brenda Dama. Brenda’s passion was promoting wellness in women and children. As a result of her personal life journey Brenda had a strong desire to improve the lives of those suffering from emotional distress. Brenda’s untimely passing did not allow her to bring her counseling skills to Blue Star Family Counseling Services, though her vision remains the guiding force of the agency.

SPC Adam S Hamilton.jpg

Our organization’s mission is just as important to co-founder, Nancy Krestan. Nancy’s son, Army SPC Adam Hamilton was killed in action while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, May 28, 2011. Nancy has first-hand experience of the effects a service member’s active duty can have on a family while deployed and with the many changes that occur while in the States. Many families (including parents, spouses, and children) experience anxiety waiting for their loved one’s next assignment or return from deployment.

Blue Star primarily focuses on providing treatment to family members of military personnel as well as the service member, first responders and law enforcement. Although the primary focus is the family members of those in specialized occupations, Blue Star will offer services to any individual seeking professional mental help for a variety of other emotional trauma such as workplace violence, domestic violence, loss of a loved one or victims of crime. 

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